replace floor in wood boat

exposed skin.jpg. Here is a typical stern drive fiberglass boat that had a rotted out transom. The old plywood and fiberglass has been mechanically removed leaving only the thin fiberglass skin. new wood.jpg. Here we have the new plywood installed and laminated to the outer skin, hull structure and floor using West System,

Feb 14, 2017 , I went to several websites and found that the ones that talked about repairing floors and the like were basically shills for products. "Come to me," they said, "follow our procedures, and buy our products here." I went to the newsgroup,, where I learned a lot of things. I learned that. people should,

Wood data. Additional reading. Index. 002-970. Wooden Boat Restoration&Repair. A guide to restore the structure, improve the appearance, reduce the maintenance and prolong the , 1.3 WEST SYSTEM epoxy for wooden boat repair ... Frames and floor timbers run athwartships at regular intervals along the keel. The.