alternative wood fencing materials

Alternatives to Wood. Wood fences bring beauty to a garden, but you might find other materials to be more practical or affordable. Fences can be made entirely from metal. For example, galvanized welded wire fencing attached to T-posts pounded into the soil gives you an effective, durable fence that is easy to construct and,

Vinyl fencing is a great, low-cost alternative to wood fencing. Learn how replacing your associations' fencing with , this for a living, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that high quality vinyl building materials have as much in common with these chairs as a Mercedes has in common with a Yugo.

Wood Fence. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for a new fencing system, wood fences might work for your commercial or residential situation. Custom wood fencing can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in a wide range of wood types available for installation on both residential and,

Composite Fencing - Fencing Material Build Quality Fence. Wood alternatives allow you to have a beautiful fence without the maintenance or upkeep. Alternative fencing materials do not require sealing, staining, or painting; they will never split, warp, crack, rot or splinter. Best of,

Browse 123 photos of Alternative Fence. Find ideas and , As an alternative, consider a fencing material that matches your landscape style, whether you're opting for a fully enclosed yard or a dog run. HOW TO: An alternative to painting a wooden fence is to oil it; the techniques are similar, but the results are very different.

Sep 21, 2016 , A vinyl composite fence features: Security, Low-maintenance, Privacy, Aesthetics. A vinyl fence offers a great alternative to wood, because you can get a similar look with next to no maintenance. Another plus: hungry pests won't see the synthetic vinyl composite material as dinner. Starting at about $30 per,

Oct 10, 2017 , Vinyl fence. Ghornephoto / Getty Images. Are you exploring alternatives to traditional wood fencing? Then vinyl fences could be the answer for you. But first , Since PVC does expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate, this material becomes more brittle in the cold, making it susceptible to damage.

Finally, manufacturers craft vinyl fencing as an alternative to wood. You'll find it in many different styles. While vinyl has many strengths, it's not perfect, either. The material isn't as strong as wood, which means it'll collapse in the face of significant, direct impact. Another issue with the vinyl is that the pieces join without screws,

While alternatives like wooden fences might need to be sanded down or repainted every six months, vinyl fences simply need to be hosed down or washed with a simple soap solution. Our high quality wood fence materials will bring warmth and weather beautifully to a unique natural tone as individual as your home.

Feb 17, 2013 , We have termites in our wood fence and instead of treating it would like to replace it with an alternative material that would not present us with termite problems again. I love the look of real wood. Not a fan of the painted wood look so do not want white PVC fence. Is there anything that looks l,

Nov 16, 2009 , Living snow fencing - an effective way to stop blowing and drifting snow & an alternative to wood and plastic snow fence.