how to cover an ugly retaining wall with timber

Jun 29, 2014 , This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how to hide—and beautify—an ugly concrete-block retaining wall. (See below for a shopping list and tools,

Do some online research for timber merchants in your area to cut down on the cost if you want to add timber panels to cover concrete walls. A panel of fibre cement board and a couple of coats of Rust-Oleum chalkboard spray and you can keep the kids occupied for hours on end - and cover up an unsightly vibracrete or,

If you have an ugly fence you can't replace, here are some tips on how you can hide or reface your fence to make it an attractive addition to your backyard landscaping. One easy way to install a DIY vertical garden – rather than purchasing a pre-made growing wall – is to attach colorful flowerpots to your fence by screwing,

The best way to disguise an ugly wall with plants is to use them as a hedge. An added , This could be in the form of building facades, retaining walls, furniture or as particular features the options are endless. The timber that we used for this wall was actually recycled from an old wharf and was the decking for the pier .

required to ensure stability are often unsightly. The solution in these cases is construc- tion of retaining structures that shorten or eliminate the horizontal demension required for either a cut or fill slope. Timber crib walls often are used to fulfill this function. Timber crib walls are used primarily in areas where dimensioned.

Discover four retaining wall design basics – base, backfill, drainage & height – that will help ensure you get a quality wall when hiring a landscaping contractor.

Retaining Wall Gallery. Below are photos of our retaining walls using timbers, stacked stone, brick, retaining wall block, and veneer stone. Let us install a beautiful and functional retaining wall for you and your family to enjoy. Veneered Stone Retaining Wall McLean, VA; Techo-Bloc Retaining Wall Steps Lorton, VA; Colonial,

Aug 24, 2016 , Not all walls are created equal. Some eventually crack under pressure, leaving an ugly sight. The solution? Replace the old wall with this affordable, easy-to-build gabion look-alike. It's made from painted timber sleepers, with pebbles tightly packed behind a mesh screen. Gather your supplies.150 x 75 x,

Jul 26, 2015 , We then celebrated our achievements with a nice chow mein. Nom. Let me remind you where we started at 11am that day. concrete block wall. And here was the space at 7pm. A long day. But so worth it! After - outdoor blackboard. Our enormous, wall covering, no space taking, outdoor blackboard. I love it.

Oct 10, 2016 , Need to disguise an ugly retaining wall? Let us show you how easy it is to integrate a retaining wall into your landscaping with retaining wall aesthetics. Larger walls are often made with concrete or timber. Ask your landscaper for their suggestions about planting trees to screen it or installing gardens in,

Jan 2, 2008 , Steps for building a retaining wall. It's fun to be out in warm weather cutting big timbers and doing a project that sees quick, upward progress.. Now, lay a sheet of geotextile fabric on the ground and cover with a course of 2-inch crushed stone or rubble, then shroud that with one more layer of fabric.

Aug 17, 2016 , Bamboo Fencing. This patio featured an ugly concrete wall. By covering the wall with bamboo fencing rolls it transformed into a sunny and tropical sitting area. Because all bamboo sticks in fencing rolls are connected with galvanized steel wire, they are very quick and easy to install. Black Bamboo Fencing.

Aug 18, 2016 , For large gardens, the view often can be fixed with plantings that screen the wall. However, an unattractive wall is often more imposing in smaller gardens because it takes up a big portion of the view and becomes a dominant element in the space. Learn how to hide an ugly wall and transform an eyesore,

Be it outdated brick, old damaged render or deteriorating treated pine, an ugly garden wall can be an eyesore that takes away from your otherwise perfect garden. Unfortunately, the , If you are dealing with an old treated pine sleeper wall, a tin of timber stain will be all you need to bring the wall back to life. Just ensure the,

Apr 8, 2014 , Can you believe we turned that ugly, old privacy fence into this beautiful herringbone plank wall FOR FREE? You may also want to check out the awesome mirror with concrete inlay and the DIY picture frames that we also made from this fence–it's pretty cool! And if you love this project, be sure to pin it so,

Retaining walls can be an eyesore. Take a look at some ways Faux Panels can transform your eyesore into the envy of the neighborhood.