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Bamboo Flooring Renewable resource. Fast-growing grass that can be selectively harvested annually. Look for bamboo products that are FSC certified and have no , Living room * Family room * Dining room * Kitchen * Entryway. Carpet Green carpets and area rugs are low-emitting and made from natural fibers (e.g., wool.

8 Mar 2016 , We have whittled down 5 flooring choices that are eco-friendly and low maintenance. Explore more about “eco-friendly flooring” here »»

The 6 Best Home Flooring Ideas and Options. By Casey Slide , After doing a lot of looking around, we opted for laminate wood floors for the kitchen, dining room, living room, foyer, and hallway. Well, as they say, hindsight, Best Rooms: Cork would work great in bedrooms because of it softness and warmth. (Photo Credit:,

Tile Flooring. Ceramic Tile Flooring in a Modern Living Room. Tile is one of the most versatile and functional flooring materials you can have installed in your apartment. Because tile can be manufactured from such a wide range of materials, from natural to man-made, not all of it is eco-friendly. Green options include tile that,

The experts at offer advice on how to choose the right flooring for your home. Hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl or eco-friendly choices like cork or bamboo? Our experts explain the 8 , This guide explains the eight most popular types of flooring materials, where they're best used and their pros and cons.

Here is your comprehensive guide to the 6 most sustainable choices for eco-friendly wood flooring. Secondly, sustainable wood should carry the seal of the U.S. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC is devoted to ensuring that forests are regrown,fallen trees into flooring and furniture, too. Bamboo flooring living room,

Discover the many environmentally friendly flooring options in the Home Flooring Pros guide to green flooring. Eco flooring from , Here are 12 eco-friendly floors for you to consider with links for quick navigation: Cork Flooring, or clinical. Perfect for a home gym, kitchen or laundry, but maybe not so great for a living room?

polished floorboards living room. What kind of flooring will you decide to use in your home? Picture: When you're thinking about sustainable flooring, you need to think about the types of floor surfaces available and what you'll cover them with, such as decorative rugs. Also be sure to,

For lower end homes, stick to inexpensive options such as vinyl, linoleum or an inexpensive tile or wood laminate. Age of residents: Consider the age of those using the bathroom. If toddlers splashing during bath time are the ones who primarily use the bathroom, wood or laminate floors are probably not the best choices.

Our showroom is convenient from all areas of Baltimore Maryland and plenty of green flooring options including bamboo, cork and recycled flooring materials in stock and ready for installation in any room in the house including the bathroom, foyer, kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, hallway, bedroom, basement.

With a 25 yr res./ lifetime struc. warranty, this 7/16in. x 11 1/2in. Jazz Cork Plank has a smooth finish and is an excellent flooring choice. Cork flooring is a natural, renewable product that is durable and resistant to mold and mildew. You'll also enjoy the comfort cork provides under foot, and the thermal and sound insulation it,

With eco-friendly, stain-resistant, soft, and colorful carpeting options for homes & businesses, Malkin's Flooring helps protect the planet.

6 Aug 2012 , Bath floors play host to splashed water, wet feet, potty spills and makeup marks, so durability and hygiene are essential. However, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on style. Maintain those paramount qualities and amplify your bathroom's look with these ecofriendly flooring choices. Scandinavian,