tile to us for back yard flooring

8 Sep 2015 , Whether your shed needs an overhaul or your poolside deck needs a bit of elegance, outdoor tile is the perfect material to enhance your patio and backyard. And regardless of the project in front of you, it's relatively simple to find the perfect tile to achieve your design goals. Here are four factors to consider,

Outdoor Sports tiles are a low cost option to providing safe and customizable flooring for outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts and , and much more. Backed by a 10 year warranty. Create unique gym floor surfaces with several colors to choose from. Made in the USA! 12"x12" Tiles.

In February of 2006 we successfully installed modular sport tiles over our interlocking base panels, replacing the need for concrete and asphalt sub base construction. We knew immediately this technique would prove to be an important advancement in the court construction industry. The subsequent patenting of the,

Outdoor Steps. If you have steps leading to an upper deck area or other part of your backyard, use cement tiles to give them a design upgrade that's also durable and less slippery than many other common flooring options.