inexpensive outdoor flooring solutions

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Mar 18, 2012 , You have lots of options for unique cheap outdoor flooring, most of which will work in warm or cold weather climates. While you have a lot of options and types to choose from, it is important not to base your purchasing decision based solely on price. Some types will,

You want a floor that's attractive, durable -- and cheap. and cheap. No matter what flooring you choose, you need to eliminate any water or moisture that can affect it, so start by waterproofing the basement. Then consider your use of the space. If there's a lot of foot traffic from outside, choose flooring that's easy to clean.

Jun 28, 2016 , Renters' (Summer!) Solutions: Fabulous Temporary Outdoor Flooring Ideas, Cons: Be sure to think about your existing outdoor flooring. If you have a , They aren't the cheapest option for sure, but if you plan to be in one spot for awhile, and can't stand your concrete floors anymore, they are worth a look.